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NFT's for Unstoppable Domains

Our inventory of Unstoppable Domains is now available. Please contact us for our available domains which gives you an NFT to manage your domain!

Understanding Blockchain Domains For Your Websites

Blockchain websites, like regular websites, are composed of two parts: the domain and the website itself. 

The domain, instead of ending in .com, .org, or .net, ends in .zil, .crypto, .coin, .wallet, .bitcoin, .x, .888, .nft, .dao, or .blockchain. All of these extensions, except for .zil, are on the Ethereum blockchain. .zil is part of the Zilliqa blockchain. Once you buy a domain, it’s yours forever and is stored in a wallet, the same as an NFT.

The website itself is hosted on a decentralized peer-to-peer file sharing network, IPFS. All the nodes of the network are responsible for sharing a small portion of every file. Every portion has a unique hash associated with it. When you request a file on the network, all the nodes of the network combine efforts to deliver your content. This is unlike a regular website that is hosted in one centralized location. This makes the network highly censorship-resistant.


  • The blockchain domain can be used as a web domain to point to a website stored on a decentralized storage network, the IPFS.

  • There are zero renewal fees to hold on to the domain. Once it’s yours, it’s yours forever.

  • The domain can also be used as a unique identifier for receiving crypto payments 

  • Blockchain websites are censorship resistant.

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