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Autonomous Workforce as a Service

Autonomous Workforce as a Service

By Brian Christiansen, Blockcities

According to Brian Christianson of Blockcities, with all the new and exciting things they have

going on, he announced the launch of the 1.0 in beta of Al, the AI software last week. Also

announced, a new service called “Autonomous Workforce as a Service”, building turnkey AI

teams that can collaborate together to complete tasks.

The next step is applying this infrastructure in the direction of real estate. And then merge

functions into Blockcities, as then it becomes legitimate tech that can facilitate real world DAOs.

Human input = proposals, voting, pre reserving, investing, renting, submitting bids on RFPs,

contractual work and renting AI systems will allow for research, document creation, prospecting, due diligence, and analysis, etc.

Stayed tuned for more....2024 is the year!



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