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NFTv Worldwide is a comprehensive platform offering various resources and opportunities within the ever-evolving AI (Artificial Intelligence), Metaverse, NFT, and Blockchain landscape. ​ ● Marketplace & Learning Platform: We provide space for companies to showcase and sell products/services related to AI, Metaverse, NFTs, and Blockchain. ● Education: We offer information about AI, Metaverse, and how they can benefit businesses and individuals. Learn how Firefly Homeschooling is helping children. ● NFT Marketplace: We offer companies a place to sell NFT projects, videos, books, artwork and more. Be sure to follow what is happening with Jeff Crane’s NFT the Movie and Joshua & Heidi Paintings, aka The First Family of NFT’s, and more! ● Consultancy: Provide NFT and Blockchain consultants to help both individuals and businesses navigate these technologies. ● Content Sharing: We host video platforms for content creators. ● Community Building: Showcase companies and projects shaping the future in exciting ways. Learn about Blockcities, Asvoria, Russell Korus and numerous others about their exciting projects! Our Key Features: ● Variety of products and services: Cater to a wide range of interests within the AI, Metaverse, NFT, and Blockchain space. ● Educational resources: Help users understand and benefit from these emerging technologies. ● Community focus: Promote and connect companies and individuals interested in these areas. ● Metaverse involvement: Offer solutions for digital representation and ownership in the virtual world. Additionally, NFTv Worldwide also happens to be significant landowners of Digital Real Estate and also offer newly available Unstoppable Domains (Blockchain Domains) for sale!

Axxis Living is excited to Introduce you to our project and how you can be a part of the "Con-tiny House" craze that's sweeping the World.

The price of residential real estate has made a considerable recovery in most parts of the United States. The national average, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) has increased 83.% for a single-family home this past year. The rise in value for construction materials (steel, lumber, windows) has a direct correlation of increasing property tax rates. Afamily purchasing and living in a home will only gain profit in 2 different ways: after an extended period where equity is created, or the land and the house appreciates in value on its own. Many families have adopted the concept of buying a second home or asset and using the income generated from that as revenue. For a $250,000 home, with an average monthly income of $2,500 equals $30,000 a year; after taxes and the cost of maintenance there is only a 1% return. 

There are many different electronic platforms and applications out there such as AIRBNB, VRBO, KAYAK, EXPEDIA, BOOKING, Getaway Etc. that wil help you create income. Unfortunately, in many cases for people that invest and want to go this route. The associations and or administrations linked to these properties aren't allowing this form of business. For this, our business model was formed. Creating income-generating units that meet any City, County, or State regulated code; that can be transported (land, ship, air) and assembled on any sort of terrain. These "Con-Tiny House" units comply with all architecture, engineering, and design code under Modular Living.

In addition to the spacious interior and beautiful design of the "Con-Tiny Home". Each unit comes stock with top-of-the-line technology: Smart lighting, audio, video system, mirror, bedside table, rain showerhead, coffee maker, and AC that can be programmed manually or with a smart device/ tablet. In addition, we have incorporated a water control system (manifold) that controls water independently to each fixture. It has amenities such as a Jacuzzi, Karaoke, Drop down video screen with Projector, and Outdoor Grill. Our units are set up to incorporate all users in multiple applications.

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